What we do

Solarpro Zimbabwe is the only reliable and most cost effective renewable energy solution provider in Zimbabwe. We help you generate long-term benefits from your solar installations

    => Back up systems
    => Offgrid systems
    => Inverters, batteries and panels
    => Solar system support
    => Solar Irrigation systems
    => Solar powered borehole pumps

About Us

Our History

Our first project was the the installation of a thermal heat water heat in Maberlreign. Our customer wanted to save on their electricity bill. Since then we have installed home solar systems which has cut the electricity bills of our customers by upto 50%. Our customers have also been able to mitigate the impact of worsening grid electricity shortages.

Our Approach

Having reliased the benefits of installing solar system, we build Solapro to expand our actitivities and to encourage the installation of the solar systems, by educating our clients and listening to their needs. Through smart sourcing of solar system components Solarpro offers cost effective and affordable solar systems. We first undestand our customers needs by offering a Free Consultation


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