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4 reasons you should go solar in 2016

Posted on Jan 1, 2016 by Administrator

4 reasons you should go solar in 2016
Welcome to 2016 - the year of Solar Power. Here are 4 reasons why you need to move to solar in 2016.

1. Cost

Solar panel, battery and inverters are now available from a number of reputable suppliers. Search on line or visit reputable hardware stores. Most now have Solar Equipment section.


  • Microtek

  • Fortuner

  • Proline

  • Mercer

  • Su-Kam



ZIMRA has also zero rated solar equipment in terms of paying duty. At the time of writing if you decide to import your own inverter, batteries or solar panels, you only pay 15% VAT on the equipment and transportation costs.



2. Worsening power cuts



Water levels at Kariba have gone lower and this is expected to reduce power generation even further in to 2016. New power stations and other government initiatives are expected to come on stream in 2017 to 2018. 2016 is therefore going to be a year of making alternative power plans. Solar power is a great alternative because if properly installed it can last for 20 years or more. It is therefore a worthwhile option in 2016.



Remember you can also install a power backup system which is reliant on the Zesa Grid for charging. Such a system will cost less than a full solar power system to install. Understanding what solar can or cannot do for you is the most important first step towards installation of your system in 2016. Sizing up a system and estimating the cost is often viewed as complicated. Solarpro has simplified this process and is providing a free solar evaluation service. In addition you can size up and budget for your system right now without leaving your home.




3. Contributing to lower carbon emissions



If you are still using an electric geyser or stove to heat bathing water in Zimbabwe in 2016, you are paying 40% more than you should be on your current electricity bill. More importantly you are hurting the environment. You can change this in 2016 by installing a solar geyser. We have a wonderful experience with Bathroom Botique (based in Msasa) solar geysers.Solarpro can install these geysers too.



4. Your bank is also starting to see the light



Several banks think solar is good for you and the environment and are now offering solar / renewable energy loans. This is super coool and will allow you spread the cost of your solar system over 3 to 10 years depending how flexible your bank. Consult your bank today and see how they can help. Interest rates on the loans vary from bank to bank. You may be charged as much as 18% per annum.






2016 is going to be an exiciting year for solar adoption and use in Zimbabwe. Solarpro offers installation and designing services for both solar system and power backup installations, small and large. Before you choose any installer use our solar calculators or get a free no obligation quote from us today.



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