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2 Questions that a Solar Power system will help you answer

Posted on Jan 21, 2016 by Administrator

Do you often wonder if solar power systems work? Well, if you do, you are not alone, and whats more, most people do. It is not your fault either. Solar systems are still thought to be a very expensive luxury. When I was growing up, the only source of electricity we knew was the ZESA power grid. Solar was for the super rich. When due to load shedding or some electricity cable fault and there happened to be no power, we would quickly get out a box of matches and a light a candle or a paraffin lamp.

These days our kids quickly reach out and with a flick of a switch turn on a solar lantern, which in most cases is the Econet solar lantern. My daughter who is aged 9, will not sleep in the dark if there is no power, and not without the “Econet light”. Thats what she calls it! Now in other households, lights just stay on, because an inverter takes over converting stored power to AC power. Your kids continue watching TV and you continue working on your laptop!

This is some sort of revolution and one that is definitely transforming lives. Your life can be transformed too. Sadly very little is known about how solar systems work by most people who can afford installing such systems in their homes. This article is here to change that. By the time you finish going through this article you will be ready to make the decision to seriously consider installing on or off grid power system.

Don’t worry about the terms ON / OFF Grid for now. First we must explain why you need such a power system.

  1. Wouldn’t you want to have some peace of mind in your home, i.e. just to not worry about whether ZESA power is on or off? Will my gate open in the morning, what if my electric fence's batteries dies off and a burglar takes advantage of this? What about the alarm system? The list of your worries is endless, yet avoidable.
  2. Secondly, Wouldn’t you want to smile when you hear that ZESA power tariffs will be going up by as much as 30% to around 14cents per Kwh sometime this year? Smile why? You will soon find out why. With off grid solar system you will reduce or completely eliminate your ZESA bill!

Now that we have got those questions out of the way, let me explain why a solar power system will give you and your family the much needed peace of mind and make you smile when ZESA hikes its tariffs.

Smart Hybrid inverters which are connected to batteries, ZESA power or Solar panels allow you to store and use power when you need it. In the case of a ZESA connected inverter, when ZESA mains power fails, you will not even notice that there is a power cut on the connected gadgets in your home. So before you buy that inverter understand what it can or cannot do.

For a Solar panel connected system the story gets better. During the day you can charge your batteries from the sun and once the batteries are full as long as there is sunshine you can utilise power from the sun. At night you start to draw power from your batteries again.

Many worry about cloudy days. You should not as long as you have enough batteries and  are connected to ZESA as a way of helping your solar panels to charge the batteries. When there are clouds solar panels still produce some power but it may not be enough to quickly recharge your batteries.

Once installed a solar power system runs for free for over 20 years. You get free power from the sun! So you don’t have to worry about whether ZESA will raise its tariffs or not. We will focus on the impact of your system on the environment and rains at another time. Suffice to say, you will help the world a great deal to fight climate change by using solar. 

Solar systems are becoming more efficient and smart. 10 years ago, you would not even dream of running a system that is not dependent on ZESA power. These days you can, batteries are cheaper and last longer, panels are more efficient and charge your batteries faster. Inverters are intelligent and know when to stop drawing power in order to save your batteries etc.

If you have more questions on solar, go here to learn more about solar works. If you would like to get a free quote for your home click here. 

You can install a 1.5Kva, 2Kva, 3Kva, 5Kva up to 10Kva system. Just as you can buy a petrol or diesel powered generator with the same ratings. 


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