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Solarpro Zimbabwe is the only reliable and most cost effective renewable energy solutions provider in Zimbabwe. We connect you to solar equipment suppliers and installers near you, saving you time and money, thereby generating long-term benefits from your solar system investment

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How Solar Works

Solar system: Key components

Everyday Zimbabwe is blessed with light. Every day the sun shines, we receive energy. Sometimes the light is blocked by clouds and rain, limiting the energy we can generate from the sun. On most days however whenits clear blue skies, we collect the maximum energy we can from the sun. Scientists have developed a way to harness this light to electrical energy. In simple terms the the light from the sun is converted into direct current ("DC") through solar panels. Inverters in turn convert this DC power into Alternating current ("AC") which is used by most of the households goods we use in our homes everyday.

Solar panels

Solar panels are a collection of cells that have been arranged in special way to collect energy from the sun as efficiently as possible and pass it to our batteries for storage or to the inverter to be converted into AC power for use by our electrical appliances.

Solar Inverters

Inverters vary in size and work to transalate the energy collected by our solar panels into a form of electricity that our appliances can use. 

Charge Controllers

When we collect energy from the sun, we need a way of controlling the amount of energy being collected to ensure that it is used efficiently and that our batteries do not overcharge. 

Deep Cycle Batteries

Because we get light during the day, at night our solar panels do not collect energy from the sun. In order to use energy throughout the day, we need batteries to store the energy generated by the sun. 

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