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We know solar is complicated so we have taken time to design and simplify the installation process for you. There are many componets involved in any solar energy system. They need to be sized and connected properly.

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Going solar is the best thing anyone can do, however the path has many avoidable pitfalls. To make the most of the sun and to get the most from your system you need the right equipment and the right setup.

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Take advantage of our FREE Home Visit. Get control of your energy costs. Say goodbye to power cuts. Be smart and do it the right way. Our smart energy solutions are designed to last and require very little human intervention once installed.

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Solarpro Zimbabwe is the only reliable and most cost effective renewable energy solution provider in Zimbabwe. We help you generate long-term benefits from your solar installations

    => Back up systems
    => Offgrid systems
    => Inverters, batteries and panels
    => Solar system support
    => Solar Irrigation systems
    => Solar powered borehole pumps




Solarpro simplifies the installaton of solar systems in Zimbabwe. We design and install solar systems and help you get the most out of your system. Just get a Free Consultation today and start saving money. Play your part by installing a solar system  today.

Beat power cuts with a power backup system.  

Say goodbye to ZESA loadshedding with our solar power systems. Solarpro makes solar system installation easy. Want to estimate the cost of a system based on your current ZESA electricity bill. Try  our solar installation calculator here and contact us for formal a quotation. Call us today +263718924393.

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Or Watch the video below for a quick look at how solar equipment converts energy from the sun into electricity.

Energy 101: Solar PV

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