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Welcome to Solarpro Zimbabwe. We are a solar systems installation company which simplifies access to affordable solar power by designing, installing and monitoring reliable, affordable offgrid and backup solar systems. We have been doing this since 2016. We install reputable and genuine solar panels, inverters, accessories, batteries in all our installation sites around Zimbabwe. Our passion is to help Zimbabweans become more energy independent. We help you acquire solar equipment, avoid price increases, black-outs and faults. Go solar with Solarpro Zimbabwe, your trusted Solar Systems Installer.

  • Solar system installations

    Offgrid Solar Systems

    We will guide you from start to finish and help you save money with solar, reduce emissions, and secure your future energy generation.

  • Realtime System Monitoring

    Realtime System Monitoring

    We provide realtime system monitoring for all our systems

  • Solar panels

    Mono Solar Panels

    High performance monocrystalline solar panels

  • Solar Batteries

    Solar Batteries

    12v Gel Deep Cycle Batteries, 24v Lithium batteries

  • Epever Solar Charge Controllers

    Epever Charge Controllers

    Available from 20amps to 60 Amps.

  • Epever UP Series Inverter

    Epever UP-Hi series Inverters

    Available from 3kva to 5kva with upto 500vdc

  • Epever Offgrid Inverters

    Epever Offgrid Inverters

    Available from 500 watts to 5000watts

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With the MySolarpro app, you can invest in solar products, get your system installed and monitored in realtime. Once the app is installed you can start buying products from reputable suppliers throughout Zimbabwe.

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We deliver high quality solar products from reputable suppliers throughout Zimbabwe. Find the right package to address your needs. We offer reliable, dependable and long lasting solutions

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Solar will save you money and provide you with peace of mind! At Solarpro we provide you with high quality affordable solar products, systems and help you find the right solar system installers.


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We help you acquire solar equipment and solar installation services throughout Zimbabwe. Choose the right solar solution and save both time and money. Check out our special deals on quality solar products updated daily.

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Solarpro Zimbabwe is a reliable and cost effective solar solutions platform that connects solar system equipment suppliers and installers to customers fast.

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